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About Us

Selection and Installation Process

The selection and installation process of our centrifuges is carried out in various ways that are as follows:

The Complete Service
We are engaged in the process of providing installation of retrofitting centrifuges in various sectors that include marine, construction, mining, railway, industrial, and for truck, and bus. This is done with the help of our local distributors, who assist us in installing centrifuge to the engine. Furthermore, we strive to offer the full service, rather than just a sale, unlike many of our competitors.

Engine Installations
We offer centrifuges that are as per the specifications and details laid out for the engine. By considering the lube-oil system capacity (sump size) and oil flow-rate from oil pump, we offer centrifuges that are based on cleaning efficiency, and on the volume of oil passing through the centrifuge per hour.

These have a by-pass filter for various engine applications in which, we require a tap in to the engine oil flow from the oil pump. Generally, it is relatively simple as there are provision points already on the engine. Moreover, oil pressure should not exceed 7 bar and we do not recommend utilizing more than 10% of the total oil flow, so as not to cause a 'parasitic loss' to the engine and its components. Once circulated through our centrifuge, the oil returns via gravity drain to the pumps.

Industrial Fluids Installations
We carry out industrial fluids installations for varied equipment that can be utilized on slave pumps to supply the centrifuge with fluid. Moreover, we can also supply a secondary cleaning tank as per the requirements of our clients. The performance of the centrifuge works on the same basic principle as with the oil engine applications.