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How the Centrifuge Oil Cleaner Works

Our offered range of centrifugal oil cleaning systems is extensively used to remove dirt and sediments from the oil that is being transferred. These centrifuges comprise three major sections that include body of the centrifuge, rotor, and the drive chamber.


The body of the system facilitates in easy fixing of the centrifuge to the engine, with oil drain through the bottom. It comprises spindle, stand tube, cleaning chamber and mesh.


Further, the rotor assembly comprises a removable bowl that facilitates in easy cleaning of the centrifugal. The rotor helps in passing the oil through the tangentially opposed nozzles at the base of the rotor assembly thereby giving the rotor a reverse spin, directly proportional to the inlet pressure. While, the side inlet oil travels through the spindle and enters the rotor chamber, the particles in the rotor chamber get collected on the inner rotor wall due to centrifugal force acting on them.


The clean oil leaves the rotor through the screen and enters the drive chamber and the oil is expelled through twin jets, which spin the rotor at speeds of up to 8000 Rev/min. This finally leaves the centrifuge through the base where it is returned to the engine crank case/sump. The drive chamber comprises nozzle for better functioning.